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Taking the field and competing for your college is the dream of many high school field hockey players. In order to get there, it’s important to set realistic goals and understand the steps that need to be taken in order to be recruited. Field Hockey at the NCAA and NAIA levels is a women’s only sport and is offered across the country. Field Hockey is a non-revenue sport for universities so the college field hockey coaches don’t have a lot of spare time and a large recruiting budget to go out and scout athletes. The reality is that field hockey coaches across the country are recruiting their athletes through online field hockey recruiting profiles. If you want to be recruited and maximize your scholarship and recruiting opportunities you must create a recruiting profile and get it in front of college coaches. Exposure is the name of the game!


After you decide to take your game to the next level and start the recruiting process it’s important to understand what your recruiting goals are and where you will be the happiest. Do you want to go to a local school or look nation-wide? Do you want to go to a top-tier competitive school, or would you just enjoy playing on a college team? There are loads of great opportunities at differing division levels.

  • NCAA Division 1 – 78 field hockey programs – 12.0 scholarship limit
  • NCAA Division 2 – 31 field hockey programs – 6.3 scholarship limit
  • NCAA Division 3 – 165 field hockey programs – zero scholarships available
  • NAIA – 1 field hockey program – zero scholarships available

For a more detailed field hockey scholarship breakdown go to: http://scholarshipstats.com/fieldhockey.html

The best advice we can give a prospective college field hockey player is to get your name out there and continue to update your recruiting profile with video, stats, personal information, and your academic results. College field hockey coaches love to recruit athletes with strong grades because they are more likely to remain eligible during their four years of college sports. Play well, communicate with coaches and get good grades!

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