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Soccer is an amazing game that has a passionate following throughout the world and it is continuing to grow and thrive at the collegiate level. If you’re a high school soccer player that wants to take their game to the next level then you have come to the right place. There are thousands and thousands or soccer players across the country competing to be recruited and play soccer in college. In order to be one of those recruited athletes you have to stand out from the pack. The best way to do that is to create an online soccer recruiting profile. On your profile you should include game film, highlight film, personal information and, of course, your academic results. Whether you play for a club or your school you need to maximize your exposure so that coaches around the country can learn who you are and scout you for their team. College soccer coaches love to recruit online and if you’re serious about recruiting then playing at your highest level and having coaches see you live and online is important.


Once you have decided you want to play soccer at the college level, you then have to figure out what level of competition is best for you. Do you think you can compete at a top-tier NCAA Division 1 program, or are your abilities better suited for Division 3 or NAIA for example? Watch some live college games at different levels to get a better understanding of where you stack up. There are many great opportunities to compete at different division and standard levels. Once you have decided the level of competition that suits you best, reach out to those coaches and be sure to send them to your online soccer recruiting profile.


  • NCAA Division 1 – 205 soccer programs – 9.9 scholarships available
  • NCAA Division 2 – 211 soccer programs – 9.0 scholarship available
  • NCAA Division 3 – 412 soccer programs – zero scholarships available
  • NAIA – 188 soccer programs – 12.0 scholarship available
  • NJCAA – 215 soccer programs – 18.0 scholarship limit


  • NCAA Division 1 – 332 soccer programs – 14.0 scholarship limit
  • NCAA Division 2 – 363 soccer programs – 9.9 scholarship limit
  • NCAA Division 3 – 438 soccer programs – zero scholarships available
  • NAIA – 192 soccer programs – 12.0 scholarship limit
  • NJCAA – 187 soccer programs – 18.0 scholarship limit

For a more detailed soccer scholarship breakdown go to: http://scholarshipstats.com/soccer.html

Be sure when contacting college soccer coaches that you present yourself in a good way. Coaches will want to know a lot about you before deciding whether or not you would be a good fit for their team. Not only is your athletic ability important but equally important are your grades. You must meet minimum academics requirements to be eligible to compete at the NCAA level so having good grades is something coaches are looking for. If a soccer coach has one full scholarship and it’s between two players, they will always choose the one with the better grades.

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