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College tennis is one of the most competitive NCAA sports and you really have to be on your game to get recruited. There are thousands of athletes across the world dreaming of playing college tennis and one day play in a grand slam event like the Australian Open. When it comes to college tennis recruiting you have to be aware that there’s a lot of international athletes you are competing against you for roster and scholarship opportunities. Unlike some sports where almost every college player is from the United States, college tennis has a foreign player percentage above 30%. This is very important to know because international students are very active in gaining exposure for themselves and getting recruited. If you want to be seen and recruited by college coaches you must create an online tennis recruiting profile. Your profile should include a full game video, highlight video, performance results, personal information and your academics results. College tennis coaches take many things into consideration when recruiting a player and it’s very important that you give them everything they need to evaluate you.


Once you have decided that you want to play college tennis, next you have to figure out what level of competition, or division level is best for you. Remember that just because you’re a top player at your high school does not mean you are a top-tier college NCAA D1 player. You are now competing against players around the nation and the world. Go watch some live college tennis at different division levels and see where you stack up against the competition.


  • NCAA Division 1 – 263 tennis programs – 4.5 scholarships available
  • NCAA Division 2 – 171 tennis programs – 4.5 scholarship available
  • NCAA Division 3 – 331 tennis programs – zero scholarships available
  • NAIA – 97 tennis programs – 5.0 scholarship available
  • NJCAA – 67 tennis programs – 9.0 scholarship limit


  • NCAA Division 1 – 323 tennis programs – 8.0 scholarship limit
  • NCAA Division 2 – 232 tennis programs – 6.0 scholarship limit
  • NCAA Division 3 – 374 tennis programs – zero scholarships available
  • NAIA – 109 tennis programs – 5.0 scholarship limit
  • NJCAA – 75 tennis programs – 9.0 scholarship limit

For a more detailed tennis scholarship breakdown go to: http://scholarshipstats.com/tennis.htm

Start the recruiting process as early as possible as college tennis coaches like to give out scholarships and roster spots early. Remember to always keep your online tennis recruiting profile updated and be realistic when choosing a school and coach to contact.

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